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Medication Log - Getting Started PDF 2/18/2019 Video 3/11/2019
Medication Log - Setting Up Appointments PDF 2/18/2019 Video 2/18/2019
Medication Log - Modifying Appointments and Prescription Changes PDF 2/18/2019 Video 3/11/2019
Medication Log - Administering Medications PDF 2/18/2019 Video 2/18/2019
Medication Log - End of Day Reports PDF 2/18/2019 Video 2/18/2019


JMC Health Webinar - Health Module Overview PDF 8/13/2018 Video 09/05/2018
JMC Health Webinar - Medical Emergency Plan   Video 09/11/2018
JMC Health Webinar - Visit Log   Video 01/02/2019
JMC Health Webinar - Health History   Video 08/29/2018
JMC Health Webinar - Immunizations PDF 8/13/2018 Video 01/23/2019


Health Module Documentation 4/12/2019


JMC Medication Log Video Series Posted 2/18/2019.

A video series about the JMC Medication Log (submodule of the Health module) was generated and posted today.  This series includes videos for Getting Started, Setting Up Appointments, Modifying Appointments and Prescription Changes, Administering Medications, and End of Day Reports.  This series was designed not only for the beginning user who will likely want to watch all ofthese videos in order, but also for users with some experience who would like to upgrade a specific skill for the JMC's Medication Log.  The videos are posted above.

JMC held its first ever Health Webinar series on Monday August 13, 2018.

The webinar series included sessions for each Health submodule, such as medication log, visit log, etc. as well as an overview session to show how to use the Health module in general and how it relates to other applications in the JMC suite such as Online Teacher.  PowerPoint presentations used for these webinars are posted above.  The sessions were recorded and the videos are posted above.


The Health Module is school nurse software that ties together all of your school’s health needs. This computerized health program allows you to easily manage, update, and query your students’ health records. The health module allows you to see up-to-date parent contact information, health history, office visit logs, student medication logs, student medical emergency plans, and immunizations. In addition, parents can review their student’s conditions, medicines and insurance in Student Information Forms. These forms are easily created in the Attendance module. The student’s health information is stored in five categories:

  1. Immunizations. A variety of immunizations are capable of being tracked along with exemptions and other details.  Compliance checks can be made for various compliance levels.  For some states, immunization data may be imported from state health data repositories.

  2. Medications Log. Each distribution of a medication to a student can be recorded and reported.  You can easily schedule daily appointments and there is a handy page for entering the medication appointments for each day.  You will also be able to track inventory of students' medications as well as get notification of low inventory for a student (you can set the threshold for the low inventory).

  3. Visit Log. Each student visit to the nurse’s office can be recorded and reported. You can easily track a student’s arrival and release time, by whom they were referred, by whom they were seen, the reason(s) for their visit and the action(s) taken. In addition there is a large area for free hand notes to record more specific information about each visit.

  4. Medical Emrgency Plan.  Student medical emergency plans can be recorded in the OLffice Application and and may also be shared with teachers via Online Teacher at the health professional's discretion. 

  5. Health History. Health History categories include Blood Pressure, BMI, Fluoride Treatment, Dental Exam, Insurance, Height/Weight, Medicine, Parent Permission, Pediculosis, Scoliosis, Physical Exam, Vision, Preschool Screening and much more. All entries can be “flagged” as a reminder to check on that entry at a later date.  Health history data may be viewed by teachers in Online Teacher at the discretion of the health professional.