Online Teacher allows teachers to efficiently record and track student progress. Please familiarize yourself with the tabs below and use the resources in each tab to guide you through the school year.

If you are a new teacher at your school complete the following steps to learn how to use the classroom attendance and grading components of JMC.

1. Instructional Videos - To view an instructional video click on its name.
The following instructional videos will give you  great overview of the GradeBook and Online Classroom Attendance Entry.

Intro to the GradeBook Part 1 - Overview

Intro to the GradeBook Part 2 - Setting up the Gradebook

Intro to the GradeBook Part 3 - Entering Scores and Running Reports

Intro to the GradeBook Part 4 - Entering Daily Attendance

Intro to the GradeBook Part 5 - Entering Discipline/Communication Records and Resources

Intro to the GradeBook Part 6 - Communicating Effectively with Parents and Administrators/Office Professionals

Intro to the GradeBook Part 7 - Sending Course Grades to the Office at the End of the Term

2. Download the Documentation
The documentation for the GradeBook is extensive and complete. Many teachers will download it as a PDF to their desktop and view it on their computer as a reference tool instead of printing it out.

Next-Gen GradeBook: Download this comprehensive documentation to guide you when you use the GradeBook. Click here to download.

We are proud to have cutting-edge Formative Grading Tools (aka Competency Based Grading) for teachers to use in the PK-12 setting.  Please view the video below for more information.


The resources below are instructions to help teachers through the elementary report card process (also known as Standards and Benchmarks).

Comprehensive Instructional Videos
The Standards and Benchmarks GradeBook Comprehensive instructional video is the first step in learning how to complete elementary report cards through JMC. This instructional video is meant to be used in conjunction with the Standards and Benchmarks documentation below. Click here to view the Standards and Benchmarks GradeBook Comprehensive instructional video.

Elementary Report Card Quickstart Guide
If you are wanting a brief refresher of the Elementary Report Card process you can click here to watch the Elementary Report Card Quickstart instructional video.

Standards and Benchmarks (Instructional Documentation): Click here to download.

    Pages 2-3 are office instructions for setting up report cards and bulk loading them to students.
    Pages 4-5 are instructions for printing report cards.
    Page 6 is a quickstart guide for teachers.
    Pages 7-10 are teacher instructions for completing report cards. Typically teachers who are new to elementary report cards in JMC use these instructions.
    Page 11 is a guide showing teachers how to send course grades to the office.
    Page 12 is a guide for teachers to print report cards.
    Pages 13-16 are teacher instructions for attaching assignments to Benchmarks to calculate results.

The documents below guide you through the process of preparing end of term grades and sending them to the office.


Ending the Term: Instructions to prepare and send term grades to the office. Click here to download.

Exam Grades: This document will guide you through the two options for preparing Semester/Trimester/Year exam grades to be printed on report cards. Click here to download.

There are two ways to report midterm grades:

  • Midterm Report Cards allow you to send a grade to the office for each course to be printed on a single page report card. This midterm report card can be sent from the office program as an email to parents.
  • Progress Reports are a one page report with all the assignment scores listed.  The Progress reports can be printed, emailed to parents, sent to the office to be printed, or sent to the office and emailed to parents.


Midterm Report Card: These instructions guide you through the process of preparing midterm grades and sending them to the office to be printed on a midterm report card. Click here to download. Click here to download this document.

Sending Progress Reports to the Office: Creating progress reports and sending them to the office to be printed is very easy.  Go to Reports: Progress Reports, create a new progress report, preview it, save it, and then you will be able to click the "To Office" button to send them to the office to be printed. The advantage of sending them to the Office is the office can then send them out as one document to parents/guardians.

Emailing progress reports is a fast and free way to deliver a progress report to any parents who want one in minutes. Download the instructions below to guide you through the steps of emailing progress reports.

Click here to download Emailing Progress Reports.